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Albuquerque DSA Endorsements for the 2024 NM Primary


May 7th is the start of early voting for New Mexico’s June 4th primary. The Albuquerque DSA met this past Saturday and finalized our endorsements and recommendations for critical races in this primary.

We are proudly announcing our endorsement of Anjali Taneja for House District 18. Anjali’s unwavering commitment to social justice, economic equality, and human rights aligns closely with our principles and core values.

We also endorsed our very own Eleanor Chavez for House District 26. She has been a DSA member for over 2 years. Representative Chavez is unopposed in the primary so we will send more information about her campaign and how we can help closer to the November election.

Look out for more emails in the coming days/weeks on why we picked the candidates we did and how you can better support them.

However, tonight is the deadline for reporting campaign contributions for this period and Anjali needs our help. Because of this deadline we wanted to get this message out ASAP to give our members a chance to donate and show a spike in contributions to her campaign for the past month. Anjali and her opponent are neck and neck in donations. Can you chip in a few bucks today before the deadline closes? Campaigns aligned with socialists don’t raise a ton of money. Corporations and groups protecting the current status quo aren’t going to donate to them. If you have the means a donation to her campaign would be greatly appreciated. Even a few dollars can make a huge difference.

Anjali Taneja has demonstrated a steadfast dedication to advocating for marginalized communities and challenging systemic injustices. She has consistently championed progressive policies that prioritize the needs of working-class families, promote affordable housing, and advocate for comprehensive healthcare coverage for all. She was heavily involved in getting addiction treatment to incarcerated people both at the MDC county jail as well as statewide through legislation she helped write and pass last year, for all prisons and jails in the state. 

In her role as Executive Director of the non-profit Casa de Salud she plays an instrumental role in providing care to patients who are uninsured, on Medicaid, or hail from immigrant, queer/transgender, and other historically marginalized communities

She has been a lifelong supporter of the Palestinian people and has been unwavering in calling what is happening in Israel apartheid and what is happening in Gaza a genocide. This was a critical issue for our members, progressive on everything but Palestine is not going to fly for us.

The Albuquerque DSA urges our members to support Anjali Taneja’s candidacy in the June 4th primary and get involved in her campaign. Her campaign has opportunities for evening and weekend canvassing (door knocking to share more about her with neighbors). Every weekend more than 20 volunteers are canvassing with her! If you’re interested please reach out at the volunteer link at her website.

And she has several events coming up, where you can meet her, including a Conversation on Transformative Justice backyard gathering in the district this Wednesday May 8th; a Coffee and Canvas event on Saturday May 11th; and a house party in the district on May 19th. You can learn more and RSVP on her events page.

If you’re in Anjali’s district reach out to to request a yard sign. And make sure you vote in the primary. Again early voting starts tomorrow. If you’re not sure if you are in her district check out this map:

For more information about Anjali Taneja’s campaign, visit

Other Races

Although these candidates did not get a full endorsement we are enthusiastically recommending them in the primary. These candidates are much closer to our values than their opponents are and we hope you give them your support:

  • Julie Radoslovich for Senate District 26 running against Antonio Maestas. Maestas is a centrist pretending to be a progressive. Radoslovich is endorsed by Albuquerque DSA due’s paying member State Representative Eleanor Chavez

  • Greg Seeley for House District 27 running against Marian Matthews who joined with Republicans to kill the family leave act
  • Heather Berghmans for Senate District 15 who is running against Daniel Ivey-Soto. Daniel Ivey-Soto has many credible sexual assault and harassment allegations against him. For more info see this website:

  • Yanira Gurrola current incumbent for House District 16 running against Marsella Duarte. Yanira is also endorsed by Representative Chavez

To find out what district you’re in: 

We also endorsed the uncommitted campaign in the presidential primary. We’ll send more info on that soon.