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Albuquerque DSA Statement on Police Brutality Against UNM Students

As members of the Albuquerque Democratic Socialists of America, we stand in unwavering solidarity with the students and community members at the University of New Mexico who faced egregious acts of police violence while peacefully protesting against UNM’s complicity in the atrocities occurring every day in Gaza. The brutalization that occurred at the Student Union Building (SUB) starkly reminds us of the persistent and pervasive issue of state-sanctioned violence, which disproportionately targets activists and marginalized communities.

We vehemently condemn the police’s use of force against students exercising their right to protest—a fundamental aspect of our democratic fabric. Such actions are antithetical to our values of social justice, equality, and democratic participation.

We stand committed to amplifying the demands of the students and community members who courageously spoke out against the University of New Mexico. The Albuquerque DSA fully supports their calls for the university to divest from entities that profit from or contribute to the ongoing genocide in Gaza. We echo their pursuit of accountability and structural change, and we are dedicated to fighting alongside them for a world where the rights and dignity of every individual are recognized and respected.

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